Updates - August 27-2008

Updates - August 27-2008

Hi - just writing to say that we're trying to finish up the songs for the EP but have had a very exciting idea to get one of our friends to help us complete the last song.  We've asked Ingrid Schroeder to see if she could add her amazing voice to our song: Please.  There is a wonderful breakdown in the song that we both feel she could enhance with her sultry vocals and we're waiting to see if she's into a collaboration.  Fingers crossed because I just know it would sound incredible. 

Please is over the top right now.  Probably going to be the best song on the ep.  It's very changed from our initial demo that we posted back in January.  More dramatic and orchestral sounding.  Now I'm thinking that's the way we want to go for the next record!

Back in Style is almost done, we're re-singing our lead parts and I've changed the mix quite a bit as well.  A bit harder sounding and the vocals are going to be less fragile, more objective sounding - except for the chorus which is sounding sweeter and sweeter.   Hope to post it soon.

Boutique Empire is  hopping.  The mastermind behind all our graphic arts, Robert Edmonds, has just released a new book "Plastered in the Street."  It's beautiful collection of his poster art that not only serves to document all the fantastic art he's created for so many acts, but also as a record of the many brilliant musicians that have performed in Vancouver over the past few years.  Check out Robe.ca for more info.  It's cool.

Guilty About Girls is performing at the Railway Club tomorrow night (Thurs Aug. 28th) as part of the Internation Pop Overthrow festival with six other local pop acts.  It'll be another fun night I'm sure.  I'm also learning Final Cut Pro and trying to cut together a video for our new song VRGN.  It's looking pretty good and I must give a big Thank You to Jason Schnieder for the introductory lesson he gave me on FCP last Monday.  It's helped dramatically!!

Hatch and the gang have booked their first Western Canadian tour for Sex With Strangers.  Isabelle's getting excited as this will be her first proper touring experience. 

A lot of stuff going on and it's looking to get busier.  The ep is going to get done but it's certainly being challenged for our attention!

Thanks for reading, hope you all had a great summer and maybe we'll get a chance to meet a few of you who are out of Vancouver this fall!

All the best,

p.s.  Isabelle's fall line is looking great as well, she's really excited about her new ideas and the new stores she's getting her clothes into.  Wow, lot's going on.  


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