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Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

This Sunday morning  (october 26th) we will be a part of the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll Marathon here in Vancouver.  The Rn R Marathon is a half marathon that has the distinction of having a live music soundtrack!  All along the marathon course will be several bands, each performing as the majority of the runners goes by.

Combine the Victorious will be playing at one of the early stages, we're on from 8:15 to around 9 Am this Sunday morning.  (for anyone who knows us, this is ridiculously early for either of us, but we've got the gig and we're doing it!)

So, if you're running in the race give us a wave as you go by.  We've got some new tunes ready to perform and they should provide the perfect soundtrack for a rainy Sunday morning!  
Read more about the marathon here
Cheers! Mark and Isabelle

a brief history of It's Still On (Please)

Our new track - It's Still On - has a long history.  We initially wrote and recorded a version for our second release, the Disagreements EP.   It was an ok recording but really in retrospect I always heard it as a demo rather than a finished record.  We'd shared the writing with our pals Barry Flynn and Ingrid Schroeder and it was an exciting moment.  However, the years rolled by and the song started to feel forgotten.

We were considering tunes to play for Isabelle's parents Golden Anniversary, and, because there was going to be a piano at the party, I recalled our old song Please.  It was written around a completely free form piano part, with wildly varying tempos and time signatures, very romantic.  Isabelle and I began rehearsing for Scotland and after the first time we tried it just with piano for accompaniment we both felt the excitement again.

While over in Scotland, we had the pleasure of driving up through the Highlands and had a brilliant visit with Barry and In…