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Photos from VALT2013

We had a great show on Sunday night performing at VALT2013 in the Centre for Digital Media.  The new five piece band, including Leigh Grant (former drummer of 90's alt rock band Pure), sounded incredible.  I don't think we've sounded better in fact.  Here's just a few photos that have made their way to us from the show.  We had a digital media artist running extra images for us during the gig, which none of us actually saw while we were on stage, but in fact made for quite an interesting looking event!

Thanks to Michelle Harding for sharing her photos with us!  

Latest version of the band: CtV rehearsal

Juice has been editing some nice footage from a recent rehearsal and put this together.  The new five piece band has so much energy, and the sound is nicely rounded out, it's hard to remember when Isabelle and I were doing this as just a duo!

Check out the clip, we are playing Glasgow with Leigh Grant (former drummer of Pure) on the drum kit, Juice on guitar, Misty and Isabelle handling the singing and me on keys.  The new band is amazing.  Our show last night at VALT2013 was a tonne of fun, and we reportedly have sounded incredible!  Got to find some footage from the night to share.

In the mean time please check out this clip:

Smoke and Choke passes 10K views!

In the excitement of the past couple weeks with our live shows at the Rio Theatre and VALT2013 we almost missed our video Smoke and Choke passing 10 000 views on a music blog site called Totally Fuzzy last week. It's an interesting landmark, ten thousand views, and makes us wonder who is watching our clips, and from where!  You may enjoy all the videos they've collected on the site, click here for check it out.

In the mean time, if you haven't seen the Stefan Sigerson directed video yet, please watch it in high definition via  the Boutique Empire Youtube channel.

VALT2013 Tonight!

Combine the Victorious is performing as part of VALT2013 (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Weekend) alongside Sex With Strangers, Dark Arps, House of Barnes, and featured designers: Maggie Fu, Avant-Afi, Boring Sidney Hats and Headresses, Mitmunk, Carolyn Bruce,and Laura Jackson. 

Event starts at 6PM, Combine will be playing at 8:30.  577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver.  Tickets $20.   Event link here:  Facebook Event

Combine the Victorious at the Rio Theatre

We just had a wonderful performance at the Rio Theatre here in Vancouver this past Thursday night. We were invited to perform the release party for Katrin Bowen's comedy "Random Acts of Romance". While it was a little different to be following a movie as an opening act, it turned into a very enjoyable experience! Combine the Victorious performed for the first time since 2007 as a five piece. Another first was Leigh Grant, the original drummer from 90's alt rock band Pure, joined us to complete our sound. With Juice on Guitar, Misty on Bass, Leigh on Drums, me on keys and running Ableton, Isabelle even picked up a little keyboard for one new song:  we never sounded better. The set was succinct and powerful, very dance oriented and quite satisfying. Here are a few photos taken from Chuk Foto's instagram page. More will surface before the weekend's out I'm sure, but I really wanted to share some today, it was such a good night1

We played a lot of ne…