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Scotland, our first open mic.

We just got back from a fantastic trip around Scotland.  It flew by and we had a brilliant time.  From visiting pals Ingrid Schroeder and Barry Flynn up in Cromarty to attending Isabelle's parents Golden anniversary party in Kilmarnock, to concluding with a riotous time in the Golf Tavern in Edinburgh, it was a hectic pile of adventures.

We arrived at around 10AM in Glasgow, after a movie filled but sleepless flight.  We then rented a little Fiat 500 to drive five hours north up to Cromarty.  We took the A82 and drove a gorgeous route through some of the loveliest countryside I've ever seen.  Loch Lomond is stunning, and we both felt doubly impressed because it was an absolutely perfect day, sunny, warm, and completely rainless!  I confess that the drive took a little more effort than I expected, but driving on the left and having to shift gears on the opposite hand didn't allow a lot of grace that first day.  (sorry to the clutch!)  That first night concluded with a 4AM s…

Off to Scotland!

We'll be heading to Scotland for a week tomorrow.  Going to Isabelle's parents golden anniversary party in Ayreshire, and hopefully take a quick peak at the highlands too!

We'll attempt to send photos once we get there, cheers!