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New EP "Crumbling Hearts"

We are very proud to announce our new EP - Crumbling Hearts.

First off we both want to thank Robert Edmonds for his cover art,  Klee Larsen for the amazing photo, and of course model Megan Jones.  It's an ethereal image that almost appears holographic.

Additionally we'd like to thank Stefan Sigerson for his help in the production, and Jim Berry and Simon Hunt for their drumming and Marc Wild for his guitar work.
It was a pleasure to work with you all, thanks!

Crumbling Hearts by Combine the Victorious
Crumbling Hearts
(dunlop, henning)

Produced by Combine the Victorious with Stefan Sigerson
Recorded and mixed by MRH at Imagined Aire Studio, Vancouver BC, Summer 2012
Vocals: Isabelle Dunlop
Backing Vocals, instruments and programming: Mark Roland Henning
Live Drums: Jim Berry

California State of Mind
(dunlop, henning, schroeder)
Produced by Combine the Victorious with Stefan Sigerson
Recorded and mixed by MRH at Imagined Aire Studio, Vancouver BC, Summer 2012
Vocals: Isabelle Du…

first rehearsal tonight

so many ways to play these songs.   so many ideas.

Stockholm is going to be amazing.

Our London gig is going to even more amazing!

looking forward to it.


Our first European Tour!

We are extremely excited to announce that we are going to Europe!   We will be playing shows in Sweden and the UK in October.   Hopefully we can cram in another show somewhere in between but we will be performing in Stockholm on Oct 19th and then two shows in London UK on Oct 23rd and 24th.   We'll be going in support of our new EP - Crumbling Hearts, which will come out on Oct 2nd through Boutique Empire.

Isabelle has outdone herself these past few weeks and landed us a couple really amazing shows.  The gig in Stockholm is going to be blinding.  We're playing an excellent venue, the Bonden Bar, right in the heart of the city.  We've been assured that it is one of the best places to play and have a cool little room booked not too far away in the lovely old centre of town.  We're going to be there a few days early just to take in the city as I've only been there once way back in 1987, and Isabelle's never been there at all.  (Plus there's a good chance we&#…

Crumbling Hearts - new song!

We are pleased to announce our latest song - Crumbling Hearts.  This one has an interesting history, it was actually started in another band before transforming into this Combine the Victorious version.

Isabelle had started writing Crumbling Hearts while she was still singing with Sex With Strangers last winter.  SWS was compiling ideas for their fifth album and Isabelle had put forth this idea as an option.  The SWS gang had a lot of songs to work on and though they made some nice progress on the tune it kind of fell to the wayside over the months of writing.  In the spring, when Isabelle decided to focus solely on  CtV she asked if she could take the song back so we could work on it.  Of course her former bandmates were only too kind to comply.

So, we started working on it over the summer.   In seeming coincidence we were talking with a director about songs for her movie (Random Acts of Romance - it comes out this October)  and suddenly the song took a new direction: it occurred t…


We've been writing and recording our next album pretty much all summer long.  It's coming together, slowly, and though I can't quite see all of it yet, it seems to be taking shape!

In August we started working with producer Stefan Sigerson to help us finalize a few of the songs we've been messing around with for months!  One in particular was our song "California State of Mind".  While Isabelle had been in Scotland last summer (where she started writing our song Glasgow) I was back in Vancouver working on new ideas.  California came out of those sessions.   I sent a copy of the rough mix over to our friend Ingrid Schroeder who gave us back a lovely vocal part.  We worked on a mix and came up with our initial version (you can hear that one thru this link).

Later last fall we sent it around to a few producers and got a couple brilliant remixes. Check em all out on our bandcamp page: I love how they have such variety in their approach.   Big thanks once again t…