Our first European Tour!

 We are extremely excited to announce that we are going to Europe!   We will be playing shows in Sweden and the UK in October.   Hopefully we can cram in another show somewhere in between but we will be performing in Stockholm on Oct 19th and then two shows in London UK on Oct 23rd and 24th.   We'll be going in support of our new EP - Crumbling Hearts, which will come out on Oct 2nd through Boutique Empire.

Isabelle has outdone herself these past few weeks and landed us a couple really amazing shows.  The gig in Stockholm is going to be blinding.  We're playing an excellent venue, the Bonden Bar, right in the heart of the city.  We've been assured that it is one of the best places to play and have a cool little room booked not too far away in the lovely old centre of town.  We're going to be there a few days early just to take in the city as I've only been there once way back in 1987, and Isabelle's never been there at all.  (Plus there's a good chance we're also playing an after party too, which I hope does happen, as the music scene there has been putting out great stuff for a long time - I'd love to get caught up in it!)

London will be brilliant too as we are part of a Club Fandango night at Buffalo Bar in Islington.  These promoters are right on top of the scene and we're feeling really lucky to be on one of their bills.  That'll be Oct 23rd, and then the following night we're playing across the city at The White Lion - a cool venue that is in direct support for a charity called Music for Children.  It's something that we both feel really strongly about.  Plus, you know, it's London, what could be more fun!  Quite looking forward to my first pint of London Pride!

This time out we're going as a duo, which will hopefully allow us to go back later next year with a full band.  And, of course, we'll be playing our new material.  Have a listen to the songs we're putting on the new EP, I think it makes for an excellent listen.  We are closing in on the full length, but these five songs define the new direction really well.  I'm predicting we'll write a whole pile of new songs on our return, which will probably alter the sound of the full length album (scheduled for March 2013).  Looking forward to it.

Crumbling Hearts EP comes out Oct 2nd-2012 on iTunes and all other sites.


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