Monday 3 September 2012


We've been writing and recording our next album pretty much all summer long.  It's coming together, slowly, and though I can't quite see all of it yet, it seems to be taking shape!

In August we started working with producer Stefan Sigerson to help us finalize a few of the songs we've been messing around with for months!  One in particular was our song "California State of Mind".  While Isabelle had been in Scotland last summer (where she started writing our song Glasgow) I was back in Vancouver working on new ideas.  California came out of those sessions.   I sent a copy of the rough mix over to our friend Ingrid Schroeder who gave us back a lovely vocal part.  We worked on a mix and came up with our initial version (you can hear that one thru this link).

Later last fall we sent it around to a few producers and got a couple brilliant remixes. Check em all out on our bandcamp page: I love how they have such variety in their approach.   Big thanks once again to Adam "Wonderbro" Percy and Kreap for their excellent work.

So it would seem we should have been content with all these versions but in fact they served to inspire us to want to create a new, definitive version!  Quite honestly I don't recall ever spending so much time deconstructing, reconstructing, reinventing or re-recording any song.  However, by August this summer we'd come up with a version that seemed to answer all my needs and aspirations.  This time, with Stefan's input, we've come up with a kind of electronic disco version that just drips with chilled vibes and summertime warmth.   Personally I think it's the best work we've done to date, and we're both excited and hoping it can find its way onto the radio soon!  (we're even talking with the extremely talented folks over at BKS Crew to help us make a video for the track).

Please check it out, and if you like it, press that like button, share it with friends, leave us a comment.  It all helps, believe me!

Thanks for reading - hope you enjoy the song!

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