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Single: It's Still On

It's Still On (Paul Schroeder mix)

This is a very substantial update of our song "Please" (off the Disagreements ep) retitled It's Still On for 2015.  Good friend and excellent music producer Paul Schroeder has given us a gorgeous mix and we felt the need to put it up!

Isabelle created the background visuals for this clip, gathered from just about everywhere.  Hope you enjoy it.

It's Still On
written by Mark Henning, Isabelle Dunlop, Ingrid Schroeder, Barry Flynn
Produced and engineered by: Henning (Boutique Empire Studio)
Mixed by: Paul Schroeder
Mastered by: Craig Waddell (Gotham City Studio)

Vocals: Isabelle, Mark
Backing Vocals: Ingrid, Barry
extra production elements: Paul Schroeder
Drums: Kevin Jones
all instruments: Henning


Waking up, still tired
feeling down, uninspired
draining out, the hard work washed away

GIving up, so heart broken
all the dreams, left unspoken
see them smile, as we become the same

Don't be scared of what you're seei…

Recording: Autonomous mixed!

We had a fantastic session at the Armoury Studios at the end of May, and after living with the mixes for a week we've submitted them off to Craig Waddell for mastering.  This is our best work yet, with our most complete vision for an album and definitely the most dance floor worthy collection of song yet.  Isabelle and I haven't figured out the final running order yet, and we've been playing with several different orders to see which flows best, but we're looking for a nice long playing album.  Something that you can put on at the start of a party to get things going, and then hopefully put at again at the end of the party to set your night activities in the right direction!

Everything sounded quite stunning through the overhead monitors.  It is my favourite room to mix in Vancouver, so good!   We even had the opportunity to record a quick piano part to start our first day.  The middle eight of the song Caught Up To You has a quirky samba kind of break and there is no…