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Brotherhood (Viking Campfire Remix)

We've just done a serious reworking on our latest single "Brotherhood."  This new version is the result of several months of listening and pondering, as well as absorbing the comments of several producer friends of ours.  I'd like to thank everyone who's helped us so much over the past many months in the creation of this song, it really means a lot to us.  So big thanks to Justin "Juice" Kadis for his guitar playing and arranging, Misty Reid on drums, and Stefan Sigerson, Jimmy Zee, Jason Corbett and Jordy Birch for their assistance /comments with the production. And, of course, the wonderful Robert Edmonds for the cover art! Cheers to you all!

Hope you enjoy the song.  I think it's one of our best to date.

Brotherhood by Combine the Victorious

Valentine's Day Acoustic Performance

Isabelle and I will be doing an acoustic performance at her new store at 4158 Main Street tomorrow.  In the spirit of Valentine's day we'll be singing in harmony with just a guitar and a few beats for a couple of our favourite songs.  Please join us before you head out on a romantic date!   We'll be playing at around 6PM.

Here's a glimpse of the shop from the Vitamin Daily blog.

Fashion shops and new music

Isabelle and I took January to build her new clothing store here in Vancouver at 4158 Main Street.  As it took absolutely all our time we had no time for much else, even music!  However, the shop is open and looking great and we've got our eyes set on finishing the next album.  The past year was quite production in getting our live show together and writing new material so now we have to go thru all the various ideas and decide which of them fit well together as a full length.

One idea that I've been throwing around in my head since 2012 was to combine the best tracks from our last ep with the latest and greatest of our new songs and press the entire collection on vinyl.  It would be our first vinyl album, and that alone is very exciting to us.   Additionally it would be brilliant to give artist Rob Edmonds a full sized cover to play around with.  We know it would be a stunning looking and sounding work.

So over the next month or so we'll be debuting a few new songs and a…