Disagreements EP credits

Disagreements - Credits

Hello, happy tuesday.

The songs for the ep are all mixed now, the mastering has been done but we haven't heard it yet, hopefully tonight.  In anticipation of the release I wanted to post the credits for the songs as a way of saying thank you to everyone involved.  It wasn't as extensive this time as the first album as we made it here at Imagined Aire Studio rather than going to Mushroom (sorry, Hipposonic West).  However I think we've managed to get a few very nice guest performances from our friends, and the songs all sound better for their contributions.

1) Charmer
(henning) - instrumental

2) Decay
(henning, dunlop, simko)
vocals: isabelle
backing vocals, bass, drums and other instruments: mark
guitar: todd simko
party vocals and percussion: rachel watson, arielle olivier, jordy birch, cory price, mark richards, mike gentile.

3) Fat Kids Big Cars
(henning, dunlop)
vocals: mark & isabelle
guitars: jordy birch
other instruments: mark

4) Back In Style
(henning, dunlop, simko)
vocals: mark & isabelle
guitars: todd simko
drums: kevin jones
bass, keyboards: mark

5) Where Are You
vocals and piano: mark

6) Segue - Please
(henning) - Instrumental

7) Please
(henning, dunlop, schroeder, flynn)
guest starring ingrid schroeder and barry flynn
vocals: isabelle, mark, ingrid, barry
drums: kevin jones
other instruments: mark

Mastering by Todd Simko at Hearing Protection Required
Artwork and design: Robert Edmonds.


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