Is Optimism Foolish?

Is optimism foolish?

It's strange how the common reaction to a bit of optimism (at least that I've encountered) is usually met with extreme contempt or that sad knowing little nod of the head as to indicate, "how naive you are, if only you knew what I knew you'd never believe any of what you just said."

If you've read the books, heard the music, seen the movies and experienced the real thing, and you're still optimistic, does that make you simple?  Or does it mean you've seen a different whole from what most are claiming to be the truth. 

Truth is so subjective.

What is really gained from pessimism?  The ability to always guaranty the outcome; for everything will fail right?  How can we progress if we are self-fulfilling our prophesies of doom.  

The icebergs are pretty easy to see, even from a distance, do we really need to crash into them to prove their existence?

Somehow, thinking we can make it seems far more interesting.  


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