Todd Simko to perform with Combine the Victorious

Todd Simko to play with Combine the Victorious

It's with great delight that I can announce that Mr. Todd Simko (former guitarist from Pure) has agreed to perform with us on our July 18th show at the Biltmore Cabaret. He has also done us the honour of playing on our latest track Decay. Those guitars are all from the master himself! In addition to Todd we also shall have the pleasure of Kevin Jones (The February March) joining us on the drums as well. It shall be a more stripped down show, we're looking at restructuring some of the older songs to be playable with just bass, guitar and drums. Isabelle and I want to try out a more intimate club style on this gig.

Other big news is that our label, Boutique Empire, is off the ground and proudly presenting this upcoming showcase. The roster includes Combine the Victorious, Guilty About Girls (Jordy Birch's new group) and of course, Sex With Strangers. SWS will be unveiling the new material from their masterpiece: The Modern Seduction.

Once again Mr. Robert Edmonds has provided us with an incredibly cool and summer of love inspired poster: I think it's fantastic.

This is going to be a very fun night, all three bands offer something different but something very danceable and fun.

all humans are requested to attend


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