Our first gig! (repost)

Our First Gig

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Just a quick word to thank everyone for coming to our party on Saturday and watching the band perform for the first time ever. We had an amazing time, it was so fun and the warm reception from everyone was incredible. Isabelle sang in front of people for the first time in her life and did an awesome job. I probably could have attempted to play a bit tighter and sing a bit more on the money but I was having too much fun to tone it down enough to keep it tight. Jesse was brilliant as always, he's such a pro, his drumming thankfully kept us together when my mind went a bit blank at times. Nick was great, but for the first time ever I heard him hit a couple wrong notes on the piano (the guy's a complete perfectionist - it was good to hear him be human after all). And then I must give very special thanks to my friend Todd Simko for playing guitar with us on our first gig. Todd was the guitarist in my old band Pure, he's quite a brilliant musician. He provided us with the training wheels to pull it together, and was there to help out when we needed it. So THANK YOU TODD, it was a joy to play music with you once again.

We set up in the basement of our house, turned down the lights and just played through seven songs off the album. If I recall correctly we played:
Blue Kitchen
The Hours
No Problems
Twist of Fate
All Together

Most of them sounded pretty good too. It was so cool to see the faces watching us, and for the half hour we were playing it didn't seem like a basement at all, but rather a very small venue filled with a brilliant audience. Thanks to everyone for being so cool.

I'd like to also give a warm thank you to The February March for playing a set after us. TFM is Nick's original band, he's the bassist with them but plays keys with us. They played a bunch of songs off their album which was appropriate as we'd recorded the overdubs for it in the basement as well. Much music has been made in this house over the last few years. As a special treat they pulled out a brand new song and slammed it down before us with great panache. I confess to being unable to withstand adding some dual tambourine action to their mix. Nicely done boys, one of the most fun filled gigs I've seen you at yet.

So that was our Saturday night. We jammed after all that for an hour but eventually had to call it quits for fear of eternally angering my extremely tolerant neighbours.

Can't wait for the April 13th Show.

Thanks to those who came over, and thank you for reading,



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