Boutique Empire - Rec:10

The First Boutique Empire compilation:

I've been putting together a compilation for Boutique Empire.  We now are the proud partners in Boutique Empire: Rec'10.  

It features 10 different bands, with new singles form Guilty About Girls "Candy Candy", Combine the Victorious and a remastered version of New City Anthem from Sex With Strangers.  Also in the mix is Ingrid Schroeder (London), Gilles Zolty (Saskatoon) and Marc Wild (Vancouver) as well as a new single from Ten Suns (Vancouver) who Isabelle and I saw for the first time last night and they were brilliant.  Additionally there are songs from our new friends Chiwawa (Montreal) and Piper Davis (Calgary) and a remix from Lurch of the CtV song The Hours.

Things are busy.  I'm playing a show with Jordy Birch this Friday in Victoria as Guilty About Girls and Isabelle just got back from Sex With Strangers' first appearance at SXSW.  We're also still trying to book a spring tour across the Prairies, so if you think you might have a show for us, please let us know.  We'd like to tour right across the country this summer, but will settle for Winnipeg at least!  (I confess to having a soft spot for that city as I grew up there)

Be well, thanks for reading. 


p.s. The new video shall be online soon.  Quite happy with it.  We recorded the audio live as we were performing for the camera.  It's interesting how that changes things. 


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