All of the Love video

A little video, "All of the Love"

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Hello, this week I'm happy to tell you about the video I've edited together for our song, "All of the Love." It was a track we wrote about a friend of ours who died last year. The video is a time lapse thing, where we took a picture of the tree straight out our front window everyday (with a few exceptions) since March 2006. I edited the individual pictures to the song and added in some nifty little transitional shots to make it more emotive. Certainly not MTV glitz or big budget quality, but it's heartfelt and honest, and to paraphrase a friend's words: it helps you understand the meaning of the song.

Have a look when you have time: it's only the first cut, but I can't imagine it'll change too greatly. You'll find it under our "videos" button.

Thanks for reading, hope you're all doing well.




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