Our First Electronic Show

First Electronic Show

Isabelle and I have been working on reinventing our set as an electronic duo.  It's been very fun and a lot of work but I think we've come up with an interesting sound.  Isabelle's even learned to play the keyboards a bit!  Things are sounding good, hope it all works tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed. 

Speaking of which, if you're in Vancouver on Saturday  August 8th please come down to the Railway club for our label Boutique Empire's first anniversary party. It's a full evening of entertainment.  On first is our friends from Accost, with the electronic stylings.  Combine the Victorious will be on at 10:15, then the comedy troupe The Skinny shall change the mood with their exceptionally funny sketch comedy, Sex With Strangers shall storm the tiny stage and get everyone sweaty and our friends from Seattle The Keeper will be bringing their feel good brand of swords and dragon music to Vancouver for the first time. 

Hope you can join us - we've even lined up a guest violinist to join us for a few songs. 

Until then...


Not bad for the first time...

Our show on Saturday was a success.  We managed to complete it without crashing the computer, well no more than once, and only had one keyboard die in the middle of the performance.  The drum pad fell off the stand and the monitors were kinda low, but other than those slight glitches everything went smoothly!  you know...  ; )

It was good.  We had fun.  We both heard it sounded good and were pleased that the vocals finally were heard and went over very well.  Happy about that. 

It looks as though we're going to continue this format for the foreseeable  future.  Everything fits comfortably into the trunk for the car, and I'm certain I can streamline the set up a bit more with additional thought and planning.   Touring is finally an option. 

Isabelle played her first show on keyboards and did great.  Her singing was of course better than ever and I even managed to stay on course for the night.  As mentioned a few little glitches happened, but it was just that kind of night.  Gremlins everywhere, but the vibe in the Railway was great, if not a bit haphazard. 

Accost played a very solid set, their sound is getting tighter and tighter and Chantelle is stepping up as a front person.  Our set was smooth and cool which set up the comedy of The Skinny quite well I thought.  They had to fight through some feedback and really project to get over the audience, but there were a lot of laughs emitting from the front of the club!  Sex With Strangers had a pounding set, everyone was shaking it, and they pulled off a unique switch over with The Keeper by not stopping playing between the bands.  Each player just played on his respective instrument until the next band member was ready to take over.  Very cool.  if a bit strange switching between the dance rock of SWS into the heavy groove metal of The Keeper!

Great night, and a huge thanks to all of you that attended.  Hey, a huge thanks to all of you reading this note too.  Great party.  I wonder where we'll do it next year?

Cheers, have a good week.

Mark (and Isabelle)


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