Band Update 2008

CtV band update.

It's funny that even though Combine the Victorious has only been performing live for less than a year now we've gone through several band member changes. Our first gig, performed in our basement, had Todd Simko (Pure's guitarist) playing guitar with us. Then, after our debut show at Richard's on Richards, Jesse Smith moved away to Toronto to play with his brother in Birds of Wales. In stepped Kevin Jones, (The February March's drummer) as Jesse's replacement. He's still with us along with his brother Nick Jones on keyboards: in fact Nick is the only other member of CtV that's been with us from the first rehearsal. Our second guitarist, Marc Wild, gave us three excellent shows, two of which were at Richard's, but after a very hectic 2007, Marc wanted to focus on his own music this year and opted out of doing more live performances. Considering how busy the guy is, it's wasn't really a surprise but I was a little worried about finding a replacement. Luckily just a week ago I was reacquainted with Cole MacKinnon on a session and he's agreed to help us out by learning the album and playing shows with us. Our first rehearsal went well, different yet again, but each person involved has brought something unique and exciting to the music. Once we have the songs up to speed I think we'll try another show, next time at the freshly refurbished Biltmore Cabaret.

So in less than eleven months Isabelle and I have gone through as many band members as most bands have in a lifetime. Its been interesting at least! We'll keep you posted.

I'm really excited about the progress of one of our new songs. Almost done now. It's a track we wrote last year called Bohemian Athenian and will be the first song on our upcoming ep, Disagreements. I figured that had to be the title of the EP as the lyrics are a bit more pointed than the first album's, more about falling out, broken promises, anxiety and disappointment. However, as is normal for a Combine the Victorious song, there's usually something positive at the end of each so it shouldn't prove to be too depressing.

Okay, talk to you later. Happy Valentine's Day if you're so inclined. Cheers!



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