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Fat Kids Big Cars - Lyrics

We’re still finishing up the recording on this song, but it’s coming along very nicely. Jordy Birch was ever so kind as to lay down a guitar part on it yesterday, which compliments the tone of the piece very nicely. He’s got a great punk rock style but it’s in tune y’know? Isabelle put her vocals down on Saturday night and now all that’s left is for Nick to come up with a dazzling keyboard part and we’re done!

I’m a bit proud of the lyrics to this one, they’ve been coming to me in small pieces for a month now. I do think they are completed finally, and therefore I’m eager to share!


fat kids, big cars
crime scene, movie stars
fast food, gasoline
Hollywood magazine

Maybe we’ve all been on holiday
but these things you’re telling me
are weightless

hooked on jellybean,
diet coke and vaseline
infrared celebrity
flashing pink on my tv
big road loyalty,
closing down community
internet conspiracy
is questioning democracy
destination corporation, selling out the population
education, big sensation, inspiration, fuel a nation

Maybe we’ve all been on holiday
but these things you’re selling me are weightless
See what they have done while we all looked away
these dreams you’re selling me are weightless
they are weightless
the weightless
you are weightless

ctv march 2008    


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