All Together Addendum (repost)

All Together Addendum

As I was messing around with the page layout last night I listened to the song a few more times and thought I'd clarify why there was a recorder in the final fade down. That was done on the very first night we wrote this song. We were clowning around and I brought my elementary school recorder out, (more a torture device than a musical instrument) and was determined to show Isabelle it could make a musical noise if you tried really, really hard. Well it would be a stretch to claim the results were all that musical but it certainly qualifies as noise. We were both laughing so bloody hard after I tried to play it we couldn't stop. That's why when the song begins you can hear the laughing: I'd restart the song as soon as it finished in attempt to come up with a better pass, or new idea, but we'd keep hearing that awful recorder at the end and burst out laughing once more. Silly I know, but it still makes me smile. Had to keep it in there, it was all part of the joke.

Oh and the very final guitar chord and noisey release was from around that time too. I can remember keeping that little clip at the end of this song for months and months. It was an unintentional haphazard dismissal after a particularly unispired guitar take, but it sounded so final that I always envisioned it ending the song. And as we built up the track, adding verses, choruses, a middle eight, the build up, the big choir etc, it just made more sense to keep it there. There was a subtle attitude to that little noise that satisfied me and it always seemed to signify the end of the track. Nothing was wasted I guess you could say - but that's the luxury of hard disk recording, you don't have to throw things away like you might with analog tape, you just need more hard drive space.

Anyway, these are hardly important insights into that song, I'd guess a few of you would prefer conversation regarding the lyrics, but at Jordy's advice I'm opting at not spelling out our meaning for the songs (at least not right now). He suggested that it would diminish the personal interpretation it might have for the new listener, and I think I agree with him. So have a listen and hopefully enjoy it. Have a dance and get excited; go out, have a good night, meet some friends for a drink or coffee or whatever, do whatever it is you want, but try and have a good weekend okay?





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