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About a Girl - TV Series

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Well yesterday was a good day for us. Thanks to our friends down at SL Feldman's we can now proudly say that our song "Blue Kitchen" will be used in the opening credits for a brand new television series called About a Girl. The show will debut sometime in October and will be broadcast on Global here in Canada and Channel N in the USA. Now, let's hope it's a good show and we'll all be blown away!!!

Pretty damn cool.


Post Script: in addition to getting that news we were also fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive preview to Main Street's newest and coolest bar, The Cascade. What a gorgeous place, with incredible booths, a beautiful (and comfortable) bar, intimate and public seating, fantastic owners, a brilliant barman and chef, and even a lovely sound system. You've got to check it out, they officially open on Friday. Try to come at night, they have the absolute best neon sign in Vancouver that must be seen in the dark to be fully appreciated! So cool there's another place to give our custom on Main St. The city just keeps getting better and better!    

Blue Kitchen update

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So we've just heard that not only are they going to use 15 seconds of Blue Kitchen for the opening credits of About a Girl but now they are considering using the song for the ending credits as well! And a whopping 30 seconds this time too! You can almost fit the entire ending chorus in that space of time. Awesome. Very excited about this tv series now, I certainly hope it's good!




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