New video! "Rushes Over Me"

 We are pleased to announce the completion of another video, Rushes Over Me. This video was born from an idea of Isabelle's, wherein we would look up headlines from the earlier parts of our lives and combine them with images of us. It seems to say these are the events that have rushed over us in the past decades. One of the interesting things about combining the two elements is how many historical events have transpired since we were born. 

The performance elements were shot in the Boutique Empire studio in East Vancouver. I blacked out the walls to give us the infinite background and then had each of us "perform" our parts for the camera. Thank you once again to Daniel Clement for his guitar sync Felix Taylor for the trumpet (on record as well video), Greg Hanberry for the congas (and percussion on record) as well as Leigh Grant for the always powerful drumming. 

Isabelle has done some of her best work this past year and this song is another great moment on tape, and now video. Her voice has solidified and her ideas have expanded and Rushes Over Me is a wonderful culmination of the two. 

Rushes Over Me - Combine the Victorious 

Produced by Boutique Empire

Directed and edited by M R Henning, Camera operators: Henning, Isabelle Dunlop

On video:

Isabelle Dunlop - vocals

Mark Roland Henning - bass 

Daniel Clement - guitar

Felix Taylor - trumpet

Greg Hanberry - congas

Leigh Grant - drums

©2023 CombinetheVictorious


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