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Paros - an anthology

 We are very pleased to announce that we have a new album about to drop!   Paros is a collection of remixes, remasters, and new tracks (including Façon Fashion , the song made popular on the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things ) being released on Thorvald Records, April 29th. The anthology is curated and directed by Thorvald Record label chief, record producer and impresario Stefan Sigerson .  We have collaborated for over a decade on songs, dating back to our Crumbling Hearts ep, where he co-produced and co-wrote several tracks. His support over the years has always been uplifting and inspiring, so it's exciting to launch this package out to the world with his new label's guidance and assistance!  A wonderful surprise from this venture has been the connection with graphic artist Steven R Gilmore . (famous for branding Nettwerk Records, Steven was the graphic artist on the 1988 After All album, as well as the debut Pure album Pureafunalia .)   He has created a luscious cover