Saturday, 26 August 2023

Next single is coming soon!

 We are excited to release our next song, "I Really Like Your Style." This will be the first song we have written with our new guitarist Daniel Clement. It's been a bit of a journey getting this one together.

 It started as a completely different song back in 2021 with now only the chorus line remaining the same. Originally I had written a completely different lyric for the verses but they were not working for me on review a year later. So early 2023 we abandoned the old arrangement and began the version we will be releasing.

Isabelle took over writing the lyric for the entire song, and thanks to a lucky moment while we were rehearsing we unveiled a totally new intro for the song. I have been consciously attempting to keep our ideas in a certain tempo and mood in hopes of creating a unified collection of material for a full length release. Well "I Really Like Your Style" has turned into a happier song, with a strong lean into reggae for influence in the chorus. The introduction is a strangely satisfying nod to our trip-hop influenced tracks, with a dramatic chromatic descending string line all suddenly morphing into the main song. It's a trick we haven't attempted before but I think works to great effect. 

 Our resident graphic artist and all around superior human being Robert Edmonds has created another cover art for the single and we should have it ready for release but end of September. A video must be created but we haven't even started on that yet! 

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the recording of this single: Johanna Sö (JoSö World) - violin,  Matthew Brain (live jazz drums), Greg Hanberry (congas), Daniel Clement (guitar), Isabelle Dunlop (vocals of course!) with me programming the drums, keys and bass guitar. 


Monday, 27 February 2023

New video! "Rushes Over Me"

 We are pleased to announce the completion of another video, Rushes Over Me. This video was born from an idea of Isabelle's, wherein we would look up headlines from the earlier parts of our lives and combine them with images of us. It seems to say these are the events that have rushed over us in the past decades. One of the interesting things about combining the two elements is how many historical events have transpired since we were born. 

The performance elements were shot in the Boutique Empire studio in East Vancouver. I blacked out the walls to give us the infinite background and then had each of us "perform" our parts for the camera. Thank you once again to Daniel Clement for his guitar sync Felix Taylor for the trumpet (on record as well video), Greg Hanberry for the congas (and percussion on record) as well as Leigh Grant for the always powerful drumming. 

Isabelle has done some of her best work this past year and this song is another great moment on tape, and now video. Her voice has solidified and her ideas have expanded and Rushes Over Me is a wonderful culmination of the two. 

Rushes Over Me - Combine the Victorious 

Produced by Boutique Empire

Directed and edited by M R Henning, Camera operators: Henning, Isabelle Dunlop

On video:

Isabelle Dunlop - vocals

Mark Roland Henning - bass 

Daniel Clement - guitar

Felix Taylor - trumpet

Greg Hanberry - congas

Leigh Grant - drums

©2023 CombinetheVictorious

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Rushes Over Me

 First reviews are all positive so that's a good sign. Here's hoping we land a couple big playlists with this single. If you are into it please have a listen on which is your preferred streaming site and add the song to a playlist. Those couple of things help us get into the patterns of the algorithm and may even get us approved for an official Spotify editorial playlis.

If you haven't yet please listen to Rushes Over Me! 

Click hear to listen

Monday, 9 January 2023

Next single out Jan 25th!

 We are pleased to announce that our next single will be released worldwide on January 25th 2023. Rushes Over Me combines the dark moodiness of trip-hop with 90's inspired shoe-gaze and features the trumpet of Felix Taylor. 

Words and Music: Combine the Victorious (Dunlop/Henning)

Produced and recorded by Mark Henning

Vocals - Isabelle Dunlop

Bass, guitar, keyboards: Mark Henning

Drums: Leigh Grant

Percussion: Greg Hanberry

Trumpet: Chad "Felix" Taylor