Wednesday 20 February 2013

Tuesday 19 February 2013

A Glowing Review in The Province

Just found this on the weekend (thanks for the head's up Magnus), our Crumbling Hearts ep got a very good review in the Province:

The Garage CD of the week

Combine The Victorious has always captured something grand in its music, beginning a few years ago with an LP that referenced classic rock in a contemporary setting. Whittling down essentially to the duo of Isabelle Dunlop and Mark Henning, Combine The Victorious has refined its sound to a more focused keyboard based pop on its Crumbling Hearts CD. It's no less grand for this pop orientation as it sometimes recalls progressive-rock in a light framework. The singing is gently effective and the duo's sense of melody is sharp. Seductive.

Tom Harrison - The Province

Tuesday 12 February 2013

A Quick Clip of our last show

Thanks to Rob Edmonds for this glimpse of our show this past Friday at Muster Studio.  That is in fact Isabelle singing thru effects to create the voice you're hearing.  We've decided to try out a couple new ideas for the new songs.  You'll note near the end that we'd spliced in a section of the studio version of the song.   The recording is going really well, writing with Juice and Misty has been a total pleasure.  Our music is sounding better than ever and we now have a blinding lineup for our live shows too!

Stay tuned, more new music shall be revealed in the coming weeks as well as a few new videos too.


Monday 11 February 2013

Muster Studio show

We just performed as part of the Lust exhibit at the Muster Studio here in Vancouver.  It was confidently the best show that Combine has ever performed.  Joining us on stage were Juice and Misty (formerly of the Yoko Casionos).  This new lineup sounds incredible!

It was a fantastic night, Combine the Victorious, The Population Drops, and Tyranahorse all played exciting sets and the vibe in the room was so much fun!  Great crowd,  cool venue, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Thanks to Oswaldo from CiTR, the fine folks of VanMusic, CJSF and everyone involved with putting on this event.  It was a great night, can't wait for the next one.

Here are a few photos from our show.

Thanks to ChukFoto of for the photos.

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Monday 4 February 2013

Crumbling Hearts Remix

We just received a new remix of our track Crumbling Hearts.  This one was done by producer Lin Gardiner (she's worked with Peak Performance 2012 winners The Boom Booms among many other artists).  It's a very different version from our original but we both think she's found something quite fun with this mix.

Have a listen!

We are now almost done the writing and recording of the tracks that shall complete our next full length.    With the help of Juice and Misty (both of the now defunct Yoko Casionos) we have come up with some of the most exciting new songs Combine has ever written.  The four of us make an interesting writing team, and our true potential is just starting to be hinted at.  I expect we'll go into mix mode very shortly, so a few new songs shall be making their debut fairly soon!

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