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We have a gig! Combine at Lana Lou's Dec 1st

 After several years off the stage we are now booked to perform as the opener for The Aleatonics album release party December 1st at Lana Lou's .    Isabelle and I are rehearsing for our first show on stage in many years. Joining us is our long time friend Daniel Clement on guitar. We shall be debuting a few brand new songs and of course our latest single " Crazy Story ."  Speaking of Crazy Story, it's a pleasure to announce it has crossed 11 thousand plays on Spotify . The song has been added to a few popular playlists and it seems to be our most popular track to date. We are happy about that!  Our next single Rushes Over Me is about to be mastered and we need to figure out some kind of video for it next.  Many things happening right now and it's all feeling fun again! Thanks for reading, and hope you can make it down to Lana Lou's on Thursday December 1st!