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Excited about Saturday

Looking forward to performing at Electric Owl this Saturday July 27th.  Combine the Victorious is on at 8PM, opening for Trails and Ways from San Diego.  Also on the bill is Gang Sings , who we've enjoyed on previous evenings earlier this year.  A great line up at a good venue.  Our set is really solid too. Doors at 7PM Combine the Victorious 8PM Gang Sings 9PM Trails and Ways 10PM Tickets $12 in advance $15 at the door Link to event Songkick Facebook event

The Story continues...

Just spent the last three days on our song Brotherhood.  Last night I re-wrote the lyrics to make them a little more personal, a little less generic.  I think the new words really helped.  Singing came a lot easier.  It's funny how that could work.  Having the right thing to say helps you say it well. It's coming along.  I think we have a mix tonight.  Will know in the morning I'm sure! The lyrics now are: I dropped out of school when we first met but we still tried to take on the world Just fighting for laughs while we're looking for hits until tension and rejection wore me out In a Brotherhood I thought it was understood that we always should look out for each other I guess it's times like these when lost in your memories you some how fail to see how much you matter And over the years you would constantly fret but still seemed fine as we'd all get together Then your little fears turned into our dread until you became a song

Summer So Far 2013

Guitars done for "Brotherhood"

We were busy this past week.  Between mixing several songs for other local groups I managed to fit in a couple excellent sessions on our new song Brotherhood . Last weekend we tracked Misty on the drums, and the bedtracks still make me smile.  There are little subtle noises in the background which seems to bless this song with extra life.  I'd finished my bass part early in the week and then Juice added some expertly played hand percussion to give some polish to the song.  After that we put a guide guitar part down.  It was Juice's idea to track his guitars on two different sessions, the first time to simply capture what we were playing live, giving us a chance to listen back to the arrangement.  That was important because it allowed Isabelle and I to record our vocals to a backing track that had the full dynamics of the song.  One should never under-estimate how important the vibe needs to be before getting a keeper lead vocal.  Seems simple but even after all these years I

Started recording new songs

This past weekend the four of us started recording new material.  I spent the Friday setting up mics for the drums and recorded me attempting various beats with the hopes of getting a good sound and possibly even creating a few loops.  Of course it's always a challenge to engineer oneself on drums.  Much too much time wasted running back and forth between the kit and the studio, adjusting things after you've recorded, trying it out again and then listening back to see if there's been any improvement.  However, on Saturday Misty Ried came in an laid down the law!  We swapped out my dodgy snare for Juice's vintage Ludwig snare and suddenly everything came to life! Misty it turns out is quite a good drummer!  She has been performing drums on one song live, Brotherhood (the track we were recording bedtracks to on Saturday), but I will admit I never dreamed she had such good groove.  I think we recorded at least three killer loops for new song ideas, all just from the war