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Help! CBCSearchlight

We've entered out new song, Best Tonight into the CBC Searchlight contest.  We have high hopes for it but need your help.  It's one of those vote a lot kind of things, but in this case, because it involves the CBC I think attracting attention its way is kinda good too!  Plus we'll hopefully have our song debuted on the radio before we even release it! So if you'd be so kind to click thru the following link; have a listen Best Tonight , and if it pleases you, give us a vote, that would be greatly appreciated.  You can vote for up to ten bands per day so listen to more and press that button with liberty! Thanks! Mark and Isabelle CBC Searchlight  CBC SEARCHLIGHT

New music: Best Tonight

We've just finished this track, Best Tonight, and are going to enter it into the CBC Searchlight contest, so please help us out with some voting this April!   Combine the Victorious - Best Tonight Produced and performed by Combine  the Victorious Recorded and mixed at Boutique Empire Recording by M Henning Music: Henning, Dunlop, Harrison, Grant Lyrics: Henning, Dunlop, Birch Vocals: Mark, Isabelle Guitars: Don Harrison Drums: Leigh Grant Synthesizers etc: Mark Best Tonight The odds are long but we'll still make it Set a records and then we'll break it We booked a flight and then we'll take it Australian nights and getting naked Short on money, long on soul what we found funny was all that we could not control So we'll travel the world and visit our friends We're putting our dreams together again "Cause nothing makes me happier than music We'll make the best tonight So we'll trave

Recording: Recharge

We are getting closer and closer to finally finishing our new album.  Back on my birthday we had a listen through to nine out of the ten songs that'll be on the collection.  This little instagram clip is a tiny section from one of the last songs we'll be finishing, Recharge .  You can hear the guitar playing of our friend Don Harrison over the repurposed drumming of Jesse Smith (I grabbed song of his drumming from a song off our debut album The World Over and built a new groove over top).   It's quite an ambient and funky thing we've created and should fit in nicely between the more traditional dance rock tracks and the electro-disco vibe of the others.  Check out it. A video posted by Mark Henning (@boutiqueempire) on Mar 19, 2015 at 9:45pm PDT