Sunday 25 November 2012

"Cities in Dust" - Siouxsie and the Banshees cover

This clip is from our Shadowline performance on Thursday night at the Waldorf Hotel. We had some fun reworking an old Siouxsie and the Banshees favorite in honour of the Goth night.

We'd like to thanks Rod Grim for shooting video on the night, turns out the mic on the camera is pretty good too!

Looking forward to our next show at the B-Ex on December 7th.  Putting together a nice full set for the evening.  Plus it'll be a great night of music with The Population Drops and The Rain on the Sidewalk opening the night.  Come dancing.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Live on Radio - Live at the Waldorf

It's going to be a fun week this week.  We are performing live on Co-op Radio 100.5FM today around 4Pm and then tomorrow night we are the guest performers at the Shadowline goth night at the Waldorf Hotel.

Mark Bignall, host of Radio Bandcouver, has asked Combine the Victorious to play a few songs on his show this afternoon.  I think we're going to try out Smoke and Choke and Glasgow for the show, but perhaps we'll unveil our new special cover song too!

Tomorrow night at Midnight we will be jumping on stage at the Waldorf.  The home of resident Goth experts Vampire Bats, we've been asked to make a special appearance to tie in with Alternative Fashion Week (Isabelle's fashion connections never seem to fail us!)  As mentioned we've even worked out a new version of an old favorite of mine for the show, gonna keep it a secret until the night though!  I think it's at least as good as our Donna Summer's cover, but of course this time we pull from the lexicon of magnificent 80's artists for our inspiration.

Please come to both if you can, or if this week is too busy note that we shall be making an appearance on CITR on Dec 4th (11AM) to precede us playing the Indie Pop series night at the B-EX on Dec 7th with friends The Population Drops and The Rain and the Sidewalk.

We've been writing away and come up with several new ideas for the new album too.  We'll begin recording in December with hopes of finalizing the tracks by January.  Lot's to do!

Thanks for reading, please tune in at 4pm today.  Cheers!

Thursday 8 November 2012

Next Shows, video news, EP

We are pleased to announce that we will be the special guests at the next Shadowline night at the Waldorf Hotel here in Vancouver.   Tied in with Vancouver Fashion week this is a special showcase on November 22nd.  Also in keeping with the Goth vibe of the night Combine is performing at Midnight.  A special cover song is being prepared in the spirit of the evening.

Also we have just signed on to appear at the Indie Pop Vancouver night, Dec 7th at the B-Ex on Kingsway (British Ex-Serviceman's Association).   Combine is headlining the night but we are very excited to be sharing the bill with The Population Drops, a band that I've been recording over the summer and am really impressed with!  The Rain and the Sidewalk is slated to open the night.  We are hoping to make it into an early Xmas party.

Still working on a Portland show, if anyone reading this has a good lead please let us know!

Thanks for reading, we'll have another new video soon.  The multitalented Stefan Sigerson has been editing some of our European footage and has shown us a few early edits and it looks very cool!  We will be doing some additional shooting to flush out the concept of the video - I'm certain it will be the best things we've done yet!  (Here's the interview he cut together last month for our latest release)

Our Crumbling Hearts EP had a good review in the Georgia Straight this past week.  Comparisons to Depeche Mode and OMD were pleasing to read, though I personally question the "melancholy" labeling.  Still, good to be in the Straight!