Progress Report: Smoke and Choke video

Had a great conversation with Stefan Sigerson at the Vampire Bats' video shoot last night.  Stefan is a very busy guy these days: director, editor, visionary behind our Smoke and Choke video and concurrently doing the same job on the Vampire Bats' Baby Libertine video as well!  Apparently he's about 75% completed on our clip now: the concept has been solidified, the visuals are almost all rendered and there's a whole lot of helicopters, lightning, dystopian future images and even a robot!

Below are some screen captures of from the video that Stefan (and "junior assistant-editor" Marc Godfrey have approved for release).  Getting quite excited to actually view this masterpiece!

all images by Stefan Sigerson 

Make sure to join us next Thursday, May 30th at the Media Club for its debut along with four songs that will make up part of our next album!  The entire evening is going to be excellent, so dont' miss it!


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