Mini Sampler on the 30th - Blank Cinema

We wanted to do something a little different for our upcoming show at the Media Club on May 30th so we've decided to offer a small sampler of music from each of the artists involved!  It will be a small run of only 50 copies, with original artwork and new material from each band (all for five bucks).  Combine the Victorious will be offering two new tracks, and there will be songs from Marc Wild and Badgerchild as well.  This weekend I heard the new songs that Blank Cinema are contributing and was really impressed by them.  I think their song Destroy Together is an outstanding track!   

Blank Cinema has been playing around Vancouver for a couple years now but this new material is the most focused I've heard to date.  Feeling really good about sharing the bill with these guys, it promises to be an excellent night of music!  Make sure you get there to see the entire show!  Doors at 8:30 performances begin at 9PM.

Check them out over on their page: Blank Cinema - lot's of things to watch and listen to.

See you on the 30th!


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