Great Night @A Change of Frequency

Just wanted to leave a note stating how much fun we had at the "A Change of Frequency" festival on the weekend.  Both nights were good but Saturday was especially enjoyable for us! A positive, life-affirming event that brought together several generations of music lovers in a lovely venue all for a good cause (Canadian Mental Health Association).  Minna Simko did a brilliant job organizing the event and I think everyone involved had a great time!  The Columbia Theatre proved to be a viable theatre to hold such a show and I wouldn't be surprised if it became an important live music venue, just as Todd Simko always dreamed it could!

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We performed a short set (there were eight bands each night) that contained two new songs and two favorites from the Crumbling Hearts ep.

Debuting for the very first time was the song written specifically in Todd's memory, Brotherhood as well as our new song Hardly Spoken (which we shared last week).  After those we performed Crumbling Hearts and concluded with a truly epic version of Glasgow.  The response was overwhelmingly positive so we're doubly excited to be playing a full headlining set for our upcoming show at the Media Club on May 30th!

It was an added bonus to also be performing as Pure later in the night, where Jordy Birch and I were joined by Leigh Grant for a very authentic version of Denial.  Juice was the busiest man in showbiz that night: not only did he play guitar with Combine and Pure but he closed the night drumming with Fine Times as well!  No stopping that guy!

Big thanks to everyone that helped out at the venue, Bob, Brian, Boris, Chris, Jason, the MC of the festivities Stephen Hamm, and to all the bands that contributed their time, and the great audience who helped make the night such a success! I'd also like to add that it was a pleasure to play a show that was open to all ages.  Nothing more enjoyable than seeing a dancefloor packed with happy children dancing with their parents!  I wish Vancouver could get its act together to allow such positive integration of people to attend shows together in our city too!  Well done New Westminster!

Next up is the show at Media Club.  Keep May 30th open, it's promises to be our best show to date and we've got a solid lineup to ensure all go home happy and musically satiated!

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