New Song: Hardly Spoken

Quite excited to be sharing some of our brand new material that we've been working on. This one is the first song written by the new Combine the Victorious lineup.

Begun back this past winter from a lucrative improvisation, Hardly Spoken is the first song by Juice, Misty, Isabelle and me all working together. The sound relates to where we were headed with the Crumbling Hearts ep, but there is so much more going on now. The addition of Misty's Rhodes keyboard part, Juice's flowing guitar work, the story of the lyrics from Isabelle, and the not so subtly eastern electro-disco keyboard parts, all add up to something bigger, more complete, dramatic and danceable. Our direction seems to be solidifying: perhaps all the comparisons to Abba weren't misplaced!

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

We'll be performing this one on Saturday night at the A Change of Frequency music festival, along with debuting another one titled Brotherhood (written specifically about our departed friend Todd Simko).  If for any reason you can't make that upcoming event please join us on May 30th at the Media Club for our video release party, where we'll not only exhibit the Smoke and Choke video but also reveal even more new material all headed for our full length album release!

Thanks for checking it out,


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