CiTR today!

Isabelle and I had a nice visit with Oswaldo on his The Morning After show on CiTR today.  Debuted a couple tracks on air, one, the remix of Smoke and Choke - Hairy Debbie Remix by Wonderbro, and the other Destroy Together by Blank Cinema.  We also played Enough by Population Drops to open the show right after Foals. After a quick chat about the show on May 30th, Isabelle also spoke about her fashion/art opening on June 1st with Zofia Astrid.  Then we enjoyed We Need Surgery on the way out.  Big thanks again to Oswaldo, he runs an entertaining show and is involved in loads of cool shows.  Check him out 101.1 CiTR.

Before we went on I had a good look at their massive vinyl record collection.  It was shocking to imagine actually trying to sort thru so many thousands of records, all with decayed, frayed, and yellowed with age spines, re-taped, falling off and mostly illegible (and almost all of them in the same shape)!  I felt so happy thinking about my phone suddenly.  Still it was cool to see such an archive.

Gotta add that we just found out we are going to be performing live on CJSF next Tuesday night Sound Therapy Radio.  That will be fun.  Nothing like live music over the airwaves! Getting quite excited about the show at the Media Club.  Already working on the lighting and images, and we still have to finish writing the set!



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