Progress Report: new album "Autonomous"

Well, we've been working for months now and the album is finally taking shape!  So far we've decided on at least seven songs that will be for the vinyl version.  They are in no particular order:

Stand in Front of Tanks
It's Still On
Hardly Spoken
Caught Up to You
Best Tonight
Real Life Turns Me On

Some of these songs we've written on our own but several have been collaborations with old friends and new.  We can list Ingrid Schroeder, Barry Flynn, Stefan Sigerson, Jordy Birch, Justin "Juice" Kadis, Misty Reid, Leigh Grant, Don Harrison amongst our writing partnerson this album.  It's been really interesting comparing the results of each collaboration, as the songs are all playing together quite nicely.

I think we still have a couple really long and hard vocal sessions for the rest of the material we're considering, and there are still so many ideas that we've started in the past that have only reached an very primitive demo stage.  It is proving to be our most mature work easily, and the production is far more intense than any of our earlier works as well.  Perhaps it's due to writing in Ableton Live for this album but the new songs are the most accomplished and ready for the dancefloor that we've ever done!

We'll be recording with Don Harrison again next week and that should possibly wrap up the song writing portion of our adventure.  It's getting so close now we just want to start pushing the songs out there, but I think everything will make better sense when you get to experience them all together!

Thanks for reading, stay well and stay tuned!



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