Influences: Mick MacNeil / Simple Minds

Working on another new song today, one we started in January titled either Humanity or Illuminaut.  Not sure yet.  Anyway, we've had the pleasure of Don Harrison do a very effective guitar part on this song so it's starting to sound really good.  I was attempting to build a more dynamic lift for the chorus and just spent a few hours messing around with a few different synths before finding a good part.

This afternoon I dialled in a really nice wide lead synth sound on my novation and suddenly this very Simple Minds - Sons and Fascination era part came thru my hands.  It occurred to me that over the decades I've probably referenced the album and more specifically Mick MacNeil's keyboard playing hundred of times.  What a great player; some of his parts were so simple to play but they would expand a chorus or bridge way more than the guitar could.  I have always enjoyed the way he could layer sounds or add effects, usually a quick sixteenth note delay or something similar to his parts, and they would almost always be the most interesting music event happening in the song.

There are loads of influential musicians in our lives, Mick is just one of thousands, but it's nice to recognize how important he was to me.   I'm certain anyone my age will know Simple Minds but if you did miss them first time around do yourself a favour and check 'em out.  Lot's of great songs to discover!


The album is progressing along, we are now at 9 songs on the keeper pile!  We'll share something pretty soon.  Want everything to be great first!



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