The Work Continues

It's been probably the best summer I can remember here in Vancouver.  With all this sunshine it's been hard to really settle down and get work done in the studio.  However that is just what we've done these past two weekends.

We've been writing new songs and it seems as though we now have two new tracks we're excited by.  One of them is a co-write with our good friend and Crumbling Hearts co-producer Stefan Sigerson.  In a burst of inspiration we came up with an entirely new song in a matter of an hour.  It's still very loosely arranged and we haven't finished the lyrics yet, but the chorus is a good one and I expect we'll enjoy completing this track together.

The weekend before Isabelle and I started writing another one as well.  We had a hook and a melody but not much else after the first day of work.  Juice dropped into the studio to offer some fresh ideas and give us the chord progression for the chorus (which thru subsequent manipulation seems to have taken a step towards The Police!).  This track is titled "Overtime," the title came from Isabelle.  It just kind of dropped out and stuck.  Overtime is a very summertime kind of song: warm summer evening, driving with the sunroof open, looking for the best music to dance to.  I think we've got an arrangement and the lyrics sorted out but there's still a lot of recording to do before it's ready for air time.  I'm hoping our mutual love of New Order will summon some inspiring musical passages.   Perhaps Stefan can assist us on this one too!

Thanks for reading, and if you're looking for some good new music I don't think you could go wrong checking out Common Courtesy Vol 1.  



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