DJing at Common Courtesy this Satuday!

Isabelle and I will be down at Save on Meats (43 West Hastings) this coming weekend spinning vinyl for their Common Courtesy night.  It's a casual place, serves good deli food, drink specials, and has a couple turntables set up right in the front so we can get the place hoppin'!

In preparation, this past Saturday night we took several hours to go thru our vinyl collection and pull out some old favourites from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

We have a few good ideas of what we'll play and quite looking forward to sharing a few hidden gems with everybody!  Come on down.

We also want to add that Isabelle will be having an Autumn Fashion Pop Up starting on September 1st at 330 Cordova (we're taking over Tait until Sept 5th).   Combine the Victorious will be performing an acoustic set down there to celebrate the sale on the Thursday night.  More info to follow!

In the mean time, if you want to socialize and have a dance with up please come by Common Courtesy August 24th.  8-12PM.  



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