Opening for Images In Vogue!

 We are very pleased to announce we will be opening for Images In Vogue on June 8th at the mighty 

Rickshaw Theatre. 

Images In Vogue were the first Vancouver band i ever saw. It might have even predated seeing The Police at the Coliseum, certainly the venue was different. Back in the early eighties, I was still in highschool, but Images In Vogue has a song that was on the radio and even on late night video shows. I don't remember if I saw their stuff on Much Music. 

The cool news was this synth band was playing an all ages place call the Soft Rock Cafe. It was a curious venue, that if memory serves me right, was a bakery in the front and then in behind the counter there was a big room with a small stage in the back. I'd love to see pictures again if anyone has any. 

The night was really fun, I'm sure it was Dan, Callan and I, and we drove into Vancouver from White Rock. The place was busy when we got there and I recall seeing a whole bunch of Sequential Circuits synths on stage with a Simmons electronic drum kit all wired up together. It seemed so futuristic. Then they played their songs with those big analog sounds and Dale the singer sounding wonderfully romantic through the PA. It hooked me into my fascination with synthesizers and gave me the impression that cool bands can come from your hometown too.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe and Glen at our last show at the Princeton and I confess to being a little self-conscious when we performed in front of them that night. So this is a real treat to be able to open for them in June.

 Hope you can make the show, when the Rickshaw sells out it is a joyous venue!

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