Live! Dec 29th The Princeton w Rat Silo


We are excited to be performing with our pals Rat Silo on Friday December 29th at the Princeton.

Rat Silo is hosting the night and will be performing two sets starting from around 9pm.  

Combine the V will hit the stage likely at 11:30 or so. 

Quite looking forward to this gig. We habitually meet on Fridays for a pre-rehearsal pint at the Princeton as its only two blocks away from my studio.  It will be fun to try our material out on that stage. I am planning on bringing a sub-woofer to ensure our sound has a chance to impress!

The live set is progressing rapidly. With Dan Clement's addition to the band we are more prolific and the new material is a lot more up tempo. We shall be making a formal introduction to our new single "Danser Tout le Temps" this night. It's quite a cool dance track that has all three of us excited and singing in French! More on that imminently.

If you are in Vancouver and looking for a party on Friday come down to the Princeton. I don't even think they charge a cover! 



p.s. We have a handful of Crazy Story t-shirts left too. Only Large and Xl though. Perhaps one will fit someone you love!


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