Combine The Victorious Gives Us A Bright Single

 Our latest single got a brilliant feature write up on today! 

In the new release from Combine the Victorious, the band delivers a lush set of textures and a ton of character for you to latch onto and get down with coupled with a colorful approach and an almost youthful energy that brings on a pop-rock undertone, but a reggae rhythm and those two attributes come together with such a smooth and seamless feel that this track is completely addicting from beginning to end.

"I Really Like Your Style" will get you moving straight away and if you're driving along in the car listening to the tune, you'll start shaking your butt in your seat in no time because that groove is undeniable, and you can tell from listening to the song that the band had an amazing time playing it down.

What's more, is that the energy that's delivered on this track has the vibe of a live performance to it, almost like the players are feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

Maybe these were recorded live on the floor. I can't be sure about that of course, however either way this track definitely makes you want to see them live because if the energy is like this in the recording, then in a live performance it's got to be amazing.

A lot about this song has a very positive persona and that is something that I've kind of missed in music for quite some time.

When you're done with the song you kind of feel good and listening to the song feels good as well so it's something that you can really enjoy, and I feel like it's also good for everyone.

It's got a certain kind of relatability to it that makes you feel like you know the band better afterwards.

I know, that sounds kind of strange I guess but it's just how it is. These guys pull off such a massive character and such a short time span that you fall right in love with the whole thing and immediately want to find out more about them.

The guitar tone and arrangement of the song are all really spot on and it delivers this sort of shine and presence that has the ability to sort of wrap itself around you and keep you right where it wants to.

The track truly lets you get washed away with the soundscape and sort of Escape into it for a little bit which I loved as well.

I like songs that you can escape into and let it just take over your mind for a moment of time.

I feel like that's what some music is really for honestly.

You can tell there was some great attention to detail in the songwriting and likely the recording of this song but it never loses that heart or character that it started off with in the first place so the message is loud and clear by the end of the track.

I would definitely be paying attention to this band and what they might be coming out with next because I'm sure it's going to be something well worth your time just as this song is.

Pop this song on in the living room, turn it up, and dance around because it's a damn good time.

Remember where you heard it first.




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