New today "I Really Like Your Style"

 It is really exciting to release this single today! This is the first song we've written with our new guitarist (and longtime friend) Daniel Clement. I Really Like Your Style is a slight departure from the trip-hop inspired songs of the past few years. We start out with a kind of homage to that sound but then quickly shift into a more uplifting reggae influenced sound that builds to a charming chorus filled with Isabelle's lifting melody. 

This song has been brewing in the background for a while now but truly came to life when we shared it with Dan. The addition of the guitar changed everything about our approach and the song transformed into the shape we have today. During the past months one day in rehearsal Dan and I were jamming on a descending riff and then Isabelle popped into the studio and sang the line "Is this everything you wanted." I was so surprised by that melody and the lyric I knew we had to incorporate it into the song. I had been needlessly concerned that the song was "too poppy" and wouldn't fit in with what we were doing elsewhere, but with the slower moody intro I felt we could transition between the lounge feel of say Crazy Story into the uplifting chorus of I Really Like Your Style. With that the arrangement was complete. We only needed to finish the recording. 

My other project, Headlong Hearts, has also been recording songs at the studio and one weekend we had Matt Brain over from SSI. I asked Matt to add a swinging jazzy drum part to the intro and the middle eight and it completely made the moments work.  Then we asked out pal Greg Hanberry to bring his congas to the studio and he laid down a brilliant groove. Everything was almost done except I was doubting the sampled strings I'd put down for the intro. Thankfully our friend, the virtuoso violinist Johanna Sö came back to Vancouver and she laid down a couple tracks to really bring the first section to life. It's incredible what a difference the real thing can make! 

The last stage was probably the most challenging and that was to make the entire thing sound right! It took many mixes and masters but I am quite pleased now with how it's all turned out. Please give it a listen and if you like it feel free to share with the world!

Cheers and thanks for reading!

Mark Henning

Artwork and graphic design by Robert Edmonds.

Listen Here


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