Rock n Roll Marathon and Fashion Shows

We were asked to perform again at this year's Rock n Roll Marathon here in Vancouver.  Of course we said yes, because who doesn't love waking up for a Sunday 6:30AM load in to play a cold wet stage in the darkened corners of East Van?  (I only half kid about that.) Yes, we will be blasting our songs out to the thousands and thousands of hearty runners who take part in this half marathon.  It's been fun the last couple years so we're looking forward to it.

Even more importantly we have booked a show at the Fox Cabaret for December 14 2016 as part of a full Boutique Empire evening.  To start the night will be an exclusive Isabelle Dunlop Clothing fashion show, with co-operation from David Briker's store Platform, and Erin Templeton Bags.  The fashion show will be followed by a live performance by Combine the Victorious,  who shall be joined onstage by Leigh Grant on drums, and we shall conclude the evening the band Terrace  with the dance music of Terrace.  It promises to be a wonderful and fun evening.   CV will be celebrating the release of a new single, "What's Goin' On In Your Head?"

Posters and more details to follow.  If you're in Vancouver please keep 12.14.16  open.  It'll be a very great night.

The Fox Cabaret
2321 Main Street
Vancouver, Canada

Wednesday Dec 14th, 2016


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