Glasgow Live at the Fox Cabaret Video

We are both pleased to present our new video of Glasgow being performed live at the Fox Cabaret.  This is a new arrangement and performance our one of our best songs, and both Isabelle and I are rather excited about how well it's all turned out.

Filmed originally when we were opening for Sex With Strangers at their CD release party at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada, we'd almost forgot we had this footage until about three weeks ago when I refound the folder I'd put everything into.  I think both of us were surprised at how great it looked and I decided it was worth editing together.  This is our live version, it has a different arrangement with new loops and sounds from the Crumbling Hearts version from 2012.   Because we performed this as a duo, I changed a lot of the tracks and made it entirely electronic, with new loops and way more synths!  I think it works as well as the original, with a somewhat dreamier sound and obviously no guitars.

Produced by Boutique Empire
Videography by Benn McGuire and Mike Love
Editing and post audio by Mark Henning

Performed by Isabelle Dunlop and Mark Henning
Filmed live at the Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

listen to the original version here


  1. I like very much. Invite move the body. Congratulations Nilda TORRES FIGUEROA.


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