New Videos coming soon!

We are really excited about a couple new videos that are being made concurrently.  One is still being developed and we're hoping we can secure some grant money to finish it, and the other is almost ready for airing.  So, rather than tease you with details about the former (we will admit it's for our song Best Tonight), we shall let out some information about that latter video: Glasgow (live @FoxCabaret).

A few weeks back Isabelle and I were going through some of our new ideas and I came across a folder containing footage from a live show we had performed at the Fox Cabaret.  When we had a look at it we were both really impressed with how great the raw footage was!  Big thanks once again to Benn McGuire and Mike Love for their great camera work, it was a real treat to rediscover it. 

We'd performed a short opening set that night, only five songs, and Glasgow was right in the middle of the set.   I was inspired enough to take on the task of cutting a new live clip of the song and have almost got it completed now.  It took a lot more work than I'd anticipated as I decided to attempt to learn a few tricks in After Effects to clean up a couple things, as well as create a few more interesting effects for the clip too.  (Thank you to all the wonderful people on Youtube who upload tutorials - I would be completely lost without your help).

The thing I truly enjoyed about this project was working on the live arrangement of the song.  After three years of hearing the original Crumbling Hearts EP version it's kinda cool to listen to this live arrangement.  It starts with a different drum beat and has a lot more keyboards than the Crumbling Hearts version (due to the fact that we have been performing it as a duo these past couple years).  The Live @FoxCabaret version seems a bit more trippy than the original and hopefully even more dancey too.  We'll leave that up to you to decide. 

It will be completed and airing next week, March 7th, so please stay in touch and have a look /listen for it when it's live. 

Cheers!  and here's to a happy spring for all.

Mark and Isabelle


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