New Music! Real Life Turns Me On

We are excited to share the first track from the new album "Autonomous" - Real Life Turns Me On.   Started back in 2013, it's a song that has evolved thru several different versions until it arrived at this master.

Our good friend Stefan Sigerson was instrumental in bringing this track to life, he was there right at the beginning and played both the bassline, and the disco guitar as well as adding the piano breakdown all on the first night.  It then kind of sat on the hard drives for a while before we revisited it.  At the time we were exploring a different direction but over the course of the year we kept coming back to Real Life and adding things, subtracking others, and finally hit on the robotic vocal effect that runs through out when we figured we had something cool.

Sometime in 2013/14 we ran the track past Juice while he was still in Vancouver and playing with us, and he laid down the lead guitar you can hear on the song.   I think it adds a nice counterbalance to the disco guitars and the pads.

It's a big one!  Check it out.

Real Life Turns Me On by Combine the Victorious
Produced, engineered and mixed by Henning (with additional production by Stefan Sigerson)
Written by Dunlop, Henning, Sigerson

Recorded by Boutique Empire Studio
Mixed at Armoury Studio, Vancouver
Mastered by Craig Waddell (Gotham City Studio)

Artwork by Robert Edmonds (Evoke)
Vocals: Isabelle, Mark
Bass, Disco Guitar, Piano: Stefan Sigerson
Lead Guitar: Justin "Juice" Kadis
Programmed drums, Synths: Henning


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