Autonomous: Recording Editing Drums

Had a great day recording last weekend when Leigh Grant (original drummer from Pure) came in to play on three more songs.  It's been really fun to see how adding live drums to the tracks makes everything come to life.  He's now playing on over half the album.

Leigh killed it once again. We tracked drums on Best Tonight, California '15, and Stop Givin Up On Love.    I started with Best Tonight so we could enter it into CBC Searchlight, and I've just finished the edits on the last of the three,  They as sounding super solid.  Very proud of Boutique Empire studio, it's turning out some big sounding songs!

Last year Jordy Birch and I had Leigh come into The Valt studio, (Jordy's studio downtown), and he played on four other songs, one of which we later dumped the original song entirely and built a new one on top of his drumming: Happy Girl.   I know we were all hard on each other in our old band back in the day, but man, Leigh can really drum.  It's been great having him add his musicianship to our songs. The combination of his drumming with Don Harrison's guitar work is making every song they've played on just leap to life!

The new album will be titled Autonomous.  It's really shaping up; the tracks are almost done, the mixing is in process and we're getting love on the first song we've shared Best Tonight.

Thanks for reading, there is so much new stuff just about ready to surface!


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