Live shows!

Just wanted to say what a great time we had performing as part of A Change of Frequency this past Friday at the Chapel Arts.  The whole night was a pleasure, with several good bands, a lovely atmosphere and all falling on our pal Todd Simko's birthday (May 2nd).  Todd would have been 48 this year.

This was the second show Isabelle and I have played as a duo again and it went really well.  Our set opened with our version of the Calvin Harris song "Feel So Close" and then  progressed through an updated version of Crumbling Hearts, California, an electricfied version of Brotherhood that I think we're going to include on the upcoming album, and closed with Glasgow.  The response was incredible from the audience and I think it may have been the best we've ever performed a couple of those songs.

After our set our friend Jordy Birch played a couple stripped down Guilty About Girls songs (and I snuck onto stage to accompany him on the drums). The rest of the night was spent enjoying the music of Sunday Morning, Sex With Strangers and We Found a Lovebird, all of whom are great bands in their respective genres.

MCing the night's festivities was none other than Hatch Benedict of Sex With Strangers.  He was his usual entertaining charming self and ensured things flowed well.  Special thanks must be given to Minna Simko for organizing this year's A Change of Frequency once again, and Rod Grim for acting as stage manager.  The entire event was fun and entertaining.


Next up we'll be performing at the new Fox Cabaret on Main Street, opening for Sex WIth Strangers at their album release party May 29th.  It promises to be an over the top spectacle with a killer line up.  Sex With Strangers, Actors, War Baby, and Combine the Victorious.  Not only are we part of an impressive music night, but the whole thing is FREE!  Not to be missed.  The Fox is a gorgeous venue, and this one is not to be missed!

Cheers, stay well.


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