We Are Local - tottalyfuzzy.net - Common Courtesy Sampler

We got a lovely mention in the We Are Local blog today, and it occurred to me that we have been busy  this June indeed!  Thanks to We Are Local for the connection! Check out their page, it leads to countless good ideas and people in our wet and wonderful city.

Also wanted to mention that we have had our new Smoke and Choke video hosted on another site called totallyfuzzy.net where it's already surpassed 2200 views in only a week!  Brilliant.  Don't know how we were found or added but it's a cool site with a lot of excellent videos from loads of cool bands: have a look.  (if you are the person who added us, please send us a shout! )

We'll be releasing a song on the upcoming Common Courtesy compilation this Thursday night.  There's a showcase featuring our friends Sex With Strangers, Phoenix Thunderbird, and several other local artists and the whole thing is for a great cause: Kids Up Front.  Come down to the Portside Pub this thursday for a full evening of entertainment.

In closing, here's a random shout out to the folks from Russia who've been reading our blog.  "Hello!" from Vancouver.  ; )


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