A Change of Frequency

Our dear friend Todd Simko died last year and in his memory his wife Minna has fulfilled one of his dreams to put live music back into an ignored venue in New Westminster - The Columbia.  The music festival is titled "A Change of Frequency" and its proceeds will go to assisting Mental Health.  There is going to be two evening full of music, May 10th and 11th.  Combine the Victorious is included on the bill for the Saturday night, May 11th.  There promises to be several wonderful moments in this event, and we're all looking forward to performing (though Juice has the heaviest load of everyone!  Not only will he be playing with Combine on our new material but he's promises to also play guitar with Pure as well as drumming with Fine Times all on Saturday night!)

We've got a new song titled Brotherhood that I"m really looking forward to playing on the night.  The whole thing is going to be great, just check out the poster that the inimitable Rob Edmonds has designed!


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