The Writing Continues

We started January with four new song ideas and several snippets of songs all the result of one crazy night of jamming.  I guess a few of those ideas will make the album but what's been so interesting is that we've now written three more new songs in the past week.  Most of these are a little more personal than our initial ideas and all of them seem more substantial too.

We've been in the studio everyday except one so far this month and the new music is starting to take shape.  It's exciting to think of how the entire full length is going to sound.  It's our intension to collect a few songs from our Crumbling Hearts EP and combine them with these brand new tracks to tell the complete story.  Musically I think we've solidified our sound, the beats are bigger and more solid than before and the instrumentation is both simpler and more immense.   Lyrically it's a much wider playing field, we've got songs covering an array of serious topics but all seem to contain that central positive tenet we've always strived for.

As the tracks are still quite raw we can't share anything yet, but by month's end we hope to have a least a couple completed which we'll post to our soundcloud page.

It's getting quite exciting hearing these tracks come together.  We shall have a fantastic album when we're done!

thanks for reading, please stay tuned!



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